How can I build a simple website for an online business?

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You can build a simple and effective website for free, and in less than an hour with no issues. Many companies offer free website domain name (e.g. We have listed some of the most popular free online website builders.

  • Google Sites

  • Shopify

  • Squarespace

  • Wix

  • Weebly

We will briefly go into detail on some of the most important steps to creating a website. Depending on your website type, some of the following steps will be more important than others.

Domain Registration For Web design

A domain name is a virtual address of your website, it is a string that shows where visitors can find your site directly. Find a suitable domain name, one that represents the website well. If the domain name is available to register the name, to avoid duplication issues and other legal constraints.

Plan Your Web design

What are the goals and objectives of your website? Plan exactly why you wish to create a website. This plan should help you find the important things to focus on, it will also help reduce time-wasting.

Website Design For Business

Begin with designing your websites brand, what colours, typography, images, videos, graphics etc will you add. For example, if you are creating a eCommerce website, what kind of products will you add.

When designing your website, make sure it is user-friendly. Make sure you have done your research on user-interface strategies. Make sure to not overload your site with information – add only the most important information.

Make sure your website adds value to your customers in the way you wish it to. Otherwise, your customer will remain annoyed, thus leaving your site and going to your competition.

Products and Services For Web design

Make sure to add your products or services. This is vital if you wish to sell through your website. One way to add value is by adding a gallery of your work or products. Make sure it is easy to access otherwise viewers will not have a clue what you provide. Furthermore, it helps customers find the products or services you sell, thus allowing them to purchase or contact you with ease.

Managing your Website

We recommend you manage your website on a consistent and persistent basis because major search engines pick up the most frequently up-to-date sites. Further, if you wish for customers to return, they need to find new products or services news. Payment section

If you are selling online, make sure to add a payment gateway – a checkout system that is well-designed and easy to use. A difficult checkout system will result in a lower conversion rate, thus lower sales.

Shipment Management For Web design

If you are selling online, make sure to add an effective shipment system. Manage this section well and on a regular basis. Track every carrier – including the date of delivery and time of shipment. Doing so will guarantee customers.

What Next?

We have been designing interfaces and various prototypes for security, product configuration, and developer outputs since 2015.

No matter the platform or development tool you are using, good design, user experience and functionality is essential for any successful digital interface.

The solutions we usually implement aim to improve your digital presence, whilst optimising your online platforms, allowing you to perform at your potential, in the bid to increase sales, conversions, and profits.

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Unlike similar digital agencies our view and focus on digital design allows us to create modern, and state-of-the-art design features that can truly create remarkable digital experiences that allow viewers to understand your business. We take great care when overseeing business and design features giving us the ability to consider and create unique product and service design concepts. Please view our digital design services below:

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To compete in the digital age, digital branding is key for every great name and brand. It is vital for business to create a strong and unique digital brand, with a foundation that separates them from the rest. As a full-service digital agency, we understand branding is far greater than how an individual’s colours look, but the impression and empowerment left after every interaction. Please view our digital branding services below:

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Web Design

As a digital agency we concentrate effort and expertise into creating unique and bespoke website platform, user interfaces and web designs that truly focus on creating modern and dynamic web designs and websites. We primarily focus on researching into our client’s real needs to really understand them thus allowing us to help and magnify our services.

The digital age requires efficient and fast solutions to modern issues, which is why we believe in creating high quality web, user and digital performances and experiences to ensure that customers and viewers have the best experience possible. Please view our digital web design services below:

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Competing and marketing online can be very easy if done correctly. Our digital marketing expertise allow us to help businesses market effectively and efficiently to open a gateway of opportunities that build real relationships, the engagement with customers and an increase in impression like never before.

To become a fierce online competitor, you must invest market and marketing resources fittingly. We offer proven services in digital marketing for novice and expert digital marketers, whether it’s using social media, digital advertisement or digital marketing. Please view our digital market services below:

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