To compete in the digital age, every great entrepreneur and business needs a strong and unique foundation to separate them from the rest. At NM, we understand branding is far greater than how well an individual’s colours look or the design, but how an individual’s service or product empowers and leaves a positive impression on every customer.

What Meets Your Needs?

Brand Creation

Creating something bold, graphic and impactful, something more than just a name.


Words and phrases that stick with your identity, with each interaction

Visual Idenity

Your brand is who you are, and it is crucial your organisation is seen as you wish.

Design Research

View the market and find what is unique and appropriate.

Build a brand to last

With a comprehensive breakdown of our client’s industry and business we will ensure we improve steps between the customers first look of our client and the purchasing of our client's service or product. Through techniques within logo creation and design, taglines, visual identity, design research and market and landscape research, NM can appropriately match the desired results.

What Happens

The Process

We take measures into developing factors of consistency and persistence when displaying your appearance, style and view across all platforms. We believe we in ensuring customers and leads are left with a positive impression and longing memory of our clients and what they offer.

We have a skilled team which will focus on design, and illustration to bring out our client's uniqueness and remarkability through colours and features, which look great but also provide an essential focal point.


We Solve Problems