When designing your digital presence, we will take all factors into consideration, whether we are creating a project from scratch or re-design an incumbent business. This is crucial, purely because we believe in wowing every viewer regardless of target audience, however that being said the majority of resources will be focused on the desired target audience.

What Meets Your Needs?

Product and Service Design

Designing a crucial view-point so your organisation is seen as you wish

Logo Design

Designing your uniqueness and remarkability through colours and features

UI/ UX Design

Finding well-established design methods and techniques to create the product you need, with exceptional delivery and accuracy

Omni-channel Experience

Designing a digital viewpoint that can be seen on a variety of electronic devices

Build the design that will last

With a comprehensive breakdown of our client’s industry and business we will ensure we improve steps between the customers first look of our client and the purchasing of our client's service or product. Through techniques within logo creation and design, taglines, visual identity, design research and market and landscape research, NM can appropriately match the desired results.

What Happens

The Process

Our Design services consist of bringing out our client’s colours and logo to by enhancing our client’s digital product or service design, we focus on brand design as much as omni-channel experiences. This means being able to have the same effect on customers regardless of the device they use to view your product or service.

Here at NM we will use our expertise in digital design, we can create inert infographics in the form of interfaces that are vibrant and welcoming. We offer services designing and creating icons, charts, illustrations and design features which can play a key-role in helping achieve business goals and objectives.


We Solve Problems