Our strategy services will consist of analytics and techniques which we will use to help you make the appropriate decisions when helping solve your business problems. We focus heavily on providing our clients with quality above all rather than spamming our clients with quick fixes. Our strategy team looks to provide our clients with long-term success as appose to quick results purely because we promote growth and development when achieving business goals.

What Meets Your Needs?

Digital Strategy

NM will comprehensively look into your product or service, so we can clearly understand how to achieve your business problems

Technical Direction

Create a strategy that suits your operations, and what your users truly need

Road mapping

We will work on designing techniques and strategies that create an impression of your identity or business. Very decision made will orbit your product or service objectives to ensure we achieve a successful brand.

Technology Strategy

Our strategy team looks to provide our clients with long-term success as appose to quick results purely

What Happens

The Process

To begin with we will focus on understanding your businesses service/ product and your customers before putting in place the correct digital strategies or technological direction. We have discovered a range of strategies that we believe influence different types of businesses and how they promote their online presence and operations.

Whether your business would wish to reduce inhouse costs by increasing its online operations or attracting more customers online or even building an online presence we know we have the correct tools to solve these issues. We mainly focus on consulting with:

  • Do’s and Don’ts

  • Defining and assessing your goals

  • Helping to improve online content, ultimately improving online presence

  • Designing and performing an audit to help shape your presence

  • Planning ahead with purpose

Making Sure


During and after this period we will proceed with analysing our techniques, to evaluate the performance of tools, this will help us find what is effective or what needs to be improved, this way we can identify when objectives have been reached. We will use these success metrics to provide concrete evidence of the value we have delivered to our clients


We Solve Problems